7 Killer Tips to Work From Home Making Money With Affiliate Marketing


Marketing or advertising other people’s goods on your site could make you a highly lucrative living that can allow you to leave your career and begin living the life you deserve! You could do this just from joining one of the many affiliate program’s. Here are the top several tips to win in affiliate marketing/advertising:

1. Sign up to the Google AdSense program.

I suggest that you begin with the Google AdSense. This is the easiest way to start, plus the most accepted affiliate program on the net. This is a pay-per-click affiliate program with which Google ads are added on your site which are linked to the writing of your site. You can in addition put the Google web and website search site button to your website which you make money as soon as your guest uses this. I suggest you position the Google AdSense web link on all of your web pages, in a place which is clearly accessible and visible to your visitors.

2. Sign up to a 2-Tier Affiliate Program

These are schemes which allow you to employ hundreds of sub-affiliates and every month receive a commission from their hard work.

You just buy a product add it to the network and let others make you cash!

3. Sign up to an affiliate programs offering you lifetime commissions.

These schemes provide commissions for life for revenues from one sale or sub-affiliate. This is also acknowledged as residual income. One single trade could bring you a monthly pay packet for life, unlike trying to persuade somebody to buy your product each and every month.

4. Sign up to an affiliate network.

These are the affiliate networks that provide you with a extensive number of products and services from a number of organizations for you to advertise or promote. Every affiliate network offers several affiliate programs from lots of different companies, some even include those world famous brands and products. The good affiliate networks will monitor all your commissions from the various programs and pays you each and every month on time usually via check. This is a necessity and will leave you to concentrate on solely selling.

5. Sign up to affiliate programs that offer high-level-commissions.

These are the schemes that generously give away commissions from 35% to anywhere close to 80% of every trade. So don’t waste your time advertising other peoples products that don’t reward you for the hard work you have put in.

6. Optimize your site for highest exposure

You have to optimize your website to make it search engine friendly and pleasing to the targeted visitors. Place quality with creative writing to your web pages. Decide on keywords connected to what your website subject matter is. Also decrease the graphics on your site to allow your pages to load up sooner. Don’t fail to remember to put your navigational menu in the most convenient part of your website, allowing your potential customers to effortlessly navigate your website.

7. Begin to promote your website.

To promote your affiliate items, you need to increase your site’s popularity. You will have to promote it from submitting your websites to Google, Yahoo, MSN, AskJeeves, DMOZ plus other accepted search engines and directories. Exchange links with common associated websites. Compose articles and submit them to article directories. Sign up to well-liked forums that will allow you to put your site link in their signature area.

Source by David Gange

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