Affiliate Marketing – It’s Your Decision Or Continue to Be Sick and Tired


Are you sick and tired of working 9 to 5 getting paid then being broke the next day? Are you sick and tired of standing in the unemployment line and no one is hiring or the hourly rate is so low you are wondering how will you support your family? Are you sick and tired of worrying about retirement will you have enough money to survive on? College students are you sick and tired of worrying about tuition and living expenses being sky high or do you need a part-time job that will work around your class schedules? Disabled individuals are you sick and tired of waiting on that once a month disability check knowing it will not be enough to cover all of your bills for the month? Sheesh!

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, well I have the answer for you. Affiliate Marketing!

Affiliate marketing is an agreement between a merchant and an affiliate (you) in which the merchant pays the affiliate a commission for referrals generated through the affiliate’s efforts to promote a uniquely assigned tracking link.

Affiliate marketing is probably, the most popular business model for earning an income online on a very low budget too. It’s really simple to learn, easy to get started and the best part is it’s FREE. Affiliate marketing is all about selling someone else’s product or service for a commission, without having to deal with customer payments and product deliveries on your end the merchant handles that. You get as many people to click on your affiliate link as possible and you earn a commission every time someone buys. That’s it!

To determine what products or services you would like to promote you need to think about the following:

What is your Passion?

Sit down and create a list think about what are you interested in, what are you passionate about, what do you have a lot of knowledge or expertise in, what are people always asking you for advice about, what are your job skills, do you have any hobbies, do you collect things, do you play sports, do you have pets, do you have kids, what are the things you like to read about?

Who will be your Target Market?

Your target market is the group of people that you are marketing your products and services to. Not everyone will want to buy your product or service. For instance, your whole town does not drive one type of car.

There are some people, who prefer sporty sedans, and there are some who want minivans, and there are others who want SUVs. And then there are the people who want trucks, or motorcycles. The point is, different segments of the population want and need different things.

To be successful, you will need to determine what your target market wants and needs, and then you will want to provide it for them. You can start off by putting yourself in their shoes. What do you think they would want? Picture yourself living a day in their life and imagine what types of products or services could make their lives easier.

What is your Niche?

A niche market is a highly targeted group of people. For instance, if you sell cosmetics, a wide target market would consist of people who use and buy cosmetics. A niche market may be people who use and buy mineral cosmetics.

There is a big difference between the two. If you do not carry mineral cosmetics, the smaller niche market will not buy from you. And if you only carry mineral cosmetics, there will be people in the wider target market who will not buy from you.

The reason Internet marketers like to work with niche markets is having the opportunity to be the only carrier of a product that will fit that niche market’s needs. It may take some work, but if you can find a niche and offer a product or service to them, you have the opportunity to sell a lot of products or services. Start researching your own interests and see what comes up.

Did you know you could be signed up for an affiliate program in less than 5 minutes!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Join an affiliate program go to, or make a decision about what products or services to promote as an affiliate through their FREE signup process.
  2. You are immediately assigned a unique affiliate-tracking link.
  3. You promote the affiliate-tracking link in a variety of ways, website, blog, newsletter, e-zine, letterhead, flyers, bumper stickers, office wall, lunch boxes, in advertisements, on delivery vans.

Affiliate marketing can fit into anyone’s schedule you can work it full-time or part-time. With a little bit of time, effort and determination you will begin to see those unique affiliate-tracking links generating extra income for you. So, if you’re sick and tired of the 9 to 5, the unemployment line, worried about retirement, tuition, and that disability check then you need to give affiliate marketing a try. I guarantee you’ll be glad you did!

Source by Sherri Dulin

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