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I can tell you that there is no easy fix to make money. As with any success achieved in life, you really have to put in the effort if you want to reap the rewards. So my advice to all the entrepreneurs out there looking to become the next affiliate marketing tycoon, is to sign up to a company that offers affiliate marketing training or more broadly known as internet marketing training.

All the training can be done in the comfort of your own home and in your own time as the affiliate marketing training you receive is done online. So to assist you on your way to becoming an affiliate marketing tycoon, I have created a list of companies that offer Online Internet Marketing training. As I started as a novice with no internet marketing knowledge and just a hope, and and that time a dream of becoming an affiliate marketing tycoon, I tried just about every product that was available to me. As I’m sure you would have seen, you will go through a few products before you find the one that will work for you. I have thoroughly studied all the offers that have been put forward by these companies.

Every company claim that they can help you make money online with help from their “Marketing Gurus”. The truth is that these guys are just trying to promote their own products and not too concerned about you and your future as an affiliate marketing tycoon. I had to learn this the hard way. Thankfully there are some honest guys out there who are genuinely willing to help you succeed as an Internet or Affiliate marketer. Therefore I have presented you with an affiliate marketing tycoon’s review of these companies and ranked them according to how well they helped me in my affiliate marketing training.

# 1: Wealthy Affiliate

Cost: $97 / month

Assitance: One-on-One, forums, etc.

Tools: Multiple

Skill level: Beginner – Advanced

Description: I am a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community, and I will personally advise you that it is the most popular Internet Marketing community online. The resources, marketing tools, and tutorials available at Wealthy Affiliate have been created by two affiliate marketing tycoon’s Kyle and Carson based on their personal success and is unmatched. From keyword research tools, to an online website builder, to click tracking and analytics systems, from paid marketing to free marketing. The possibilities are endless, whether you are a beginner or an experienced affiliate marketer. I received something at Wealthy Affiliate that I never received anywhere else, i.e. personal mentoring and additional help from other members. As a personal goal for the members, they offer a fully paid trip to Las Vegas for the most successful affiliate marketers. Now that’s an incentive, even though as an affiliate marketing tycoon, you could afford a few trips to Vegas.

# 2: Monthly Content

Cost: $47 / month

Assitance: Personal Coaching.

Tools: Multiple

Skill level: Beginner – Advanced

Description: As part of your affiliate marketing training at the Monthly Content team, you will be provided with an abundance of tools, tutorials and resources that will help you begin a career in online internet Marketing or advance your knowledge previously acquired. The members at Monthly Content, some of who are already affiliate marketing tycoons, receive similar tools and training to what is received by the members at Wealthy Affiliate with the exception of the one-on-one mentoring. Nevertheless, it is still a superb and extremely valuable membership to get started with.

# 3: The Success Principle

Cost: $67 / month

Assitance: Personal coaching.

Tools: Multiple

Skill level: Beginners

Description: The Success Principle was created by Mack Michaels after numerous years of working relentlessly for no reward. He has a personal team that offers assistance to all their members via email or telephone. There is a curriculum in which all members are placed and here they are able to work on their Internet Marketing skills at their own pace. There is an abundance of videos and tutorials that will assist members looking to make money via Internet Marketing.

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