Buying Wholesale From China


You have to remember; if you buy goods from a country like China, they don’t have to follow any laws or rules that your own country enforces. Why risk such a huge amount of money to a company you’ll probably never even see or visit?

I have even seen companies from China offer drop shipping around the world to try and attract victims. Drop shipping will never work from outside your own country. It could be days, weeks, or months, by the time the package makes it past customs. Your customer won’t be too happy unless they live in China.

I am not saying you shouldn’t buy wholesale from another country. But it isn’t a very smart thing to do. Too many people are ripped off everyday from international wholesalers who don’t have to follow the same rules or regulations to keep things fair. You are rolling the dice if you choose to deal with an international wholesale distributor.

China is also known to sell counterfeit and look-a-like items. Some countries have strict rules about selling counterfeit merchandise. Just because you bought it from a company, doesn’t mean the trade was legal. People go to jail all the time for selling counterfeit goods. Countries like China don’t have laws against making counterfeit goods. So they can sell them without getting in to trouble.

International wholesalers have also been known to tell you what you are buying. You pay for the goods. Then they send you different goods that are worth much less. This switch-a-roo has been pulled thousands of times by international wholesalers. International wholesalers like this prey on people from other countries. They know they won’t be caught.

Do things inside your own country. At least you will be covered if anything goes wrong and it won’t be a total loss if something happens. You will keep your economy going. And you will know all your trading is legal.

I’m not saying you can’t make money if you choose to buy wholesale internationally. Some people make really good money. The risk factor is too high for me these days. There was a time when there were honest companies worldwide. These days too many scumbag companies are trying to steal innocent peoples hard earned money.

I bought from a company in China about 4 years ago. It went well for 2 years. I even knew the managers by name and they knew me well. One of my shipments never arrived. I figured they had it in customs. I called the company in China. They told me they shipped it gave me a tracking number. The tracking number was real and said it was in transit. The package never came out of transit. It somehow got lost. The company from China wouldn’t give me my money back. The international insurance was turned down. I lost over seventy eight hundred dollars.

It was enough for me to never do business internationally again. To this day, I won’t even do business internationally. I am not saying everyone internationally is bad or they will rip you off. Most people in this world are very nice people. But the small percentage really ruins it for the rest of us. It’s sad to say, but now-a-days, you have to always look over your shoulder. Technology makes it way to easy for crooks to scam people.

I am just saying, be safe, be covered, do business inside your own country. The low risk factor of doing business inside your own country is rewarding. Doing business inside your own country can make you lots of money without worry of being scammed.

Or you can make really big money and risk losing a huge chunk of change now and then. If that sounds good to you, then give international wholesalers a chance. Most of them do offer way lower prices that you won’t find in your country.

Source by Lisa Page

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